Plant A White Rose Bush in Honor of Molly

Created January 12, 2013

Molly asked me to plant a white rose bush for her in the spring. The place she suggested may have a little too much shade to support a rose bush, so I am going to plant a couple of bushes around the yard.

If you'd like to join me in planting a white rose bush in Molly's honor, let me know and I'll buy extra in the spring.

White Roses

There are eleven generally recognized types of modern roses. Not all of these types of roses are suitable for planting in the midwest (USDA Plant Hardiness Zone 5b) and some types of roses require more gardening skils than others to keep them blooming from year to year.

Since our gardening skills are minimal, we've had the best luck with shrub (specifically knockout) and climbing roses.

I am providing links to typical examples of white roses in each of the types. These are by no means the only rose varities within the types.