Molly's Journey

Created January 12, 2013

Sometime in the last 10 years Molly acquired a bus. A shinny red 1988 Eagle 15 affectionately named SuperMolly. Since Molly hated red as a car color, I am pretty sure this bus was not her idea. SuperMolly sat around ignored for the longest time. Although it is kind of hard to hide a 45 foot red bus, somehow none of us seemed to notice it parked by the side of the road.

After getting laid-off in 2008, Molly fell into a deep funk. The two temporary jobs she got did little to help her move past the loss of friendship of her co-workers and familiar pace of the job that she had for over 21 years. During one of the stints between jobs, Molly started to wander out to investigate SuperMolly. At first she'd just walk around that red bus and scratch her head wondering who sent it and what the heck she was supposed to do with it. Each day she'd get a little more adventurous. First it was opening the luggage bay doors, laying down her tape measure and calculating just how much bay could hold. Then it was the engine compartment, trying to trace the pipes and wires to see what made this bus tick. Once she got familiar with the exterior, Molly cracked open the door and began checking out the interior layout. She sat on the coach and entertainment area bench seats and in the dining area booth but nothing felt comfortable until she tried the driver's seat. It was like Goldilocks finding just the right bowl of porridge, living room chair or bed ... the driver's seat was just right.

For days on end Molly would sit in the driver's seat, watch cooking shows on one of SuperMollly's TVs, read her favorite blogs and read and answer e-mails on the computer and listen to one of her Pandora Radio stations. Eventually, Molly decided she was going to have to learn to drive SuperMolly. That first day she popped the clutch a couple of times before she could get the bus rolling. She was smart enough to know that steering a 45 foot bus was going to be a little different than her Honda Civic, so she took it slowly. Every trip she took went a little further, adding more turns and finally learning to back into driveways. By the end of 2011 she had it down pretty well.

The thing is that driving SuperMolly took a lot of energy and in early 2012 Molly began to notice the impact it was having on her. Foods that she once loved were no longer tasting right. She first noticed that sweets (even her beloved chocolate) were losing their appeal.

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