Mary Ellen (Molly) Dickerman

Created January 12, 2013

Thank you for visiting our site to remember and celebrate the life of our wife, daughter, sister, friend, aunt, and neighbor, Molly Dickerman. Please feel free to post your memories in the "Molly List".

About Molly

  • 57 Years Old
  • Date of Birth: December 23, 1955
  • Date of Passing: December 29, 2012

Molly grew up in Downers Grove, the daughter of Barbara and the late Charles Dickerman. Molly graduated from Downers Grove North High School in 1973.

Molly graduated with a bachelor of music from Drake University in 1977 and after doing documentation and editorial assistant jobs for several years she returned to school to earn a bachelor of science in chemical engineering from the University of Illinois-Chicago. Molly was employed in the research and development group of Kemlite/Crane Composites for 21 years where she was known for her organizational and data management skills and the creativity that she brought to even the most mundane of tasks.

Molly met her husband of 32 years at work within days of his starting. She knew from the earliest moments that he was the one (he was tall and his name was Mike) but it took almost a year of a unique combination of tenacity and sweetness on her part to help him to figure it out too.

From a young age Molly developed an appetite for words. To friends and coworkers, Molly was the go to person if you needed to check the spelling of a word, needed a word defined or just wanted to engage in a little wordplay. Charles and Barbara instilled an appreciation of classical music in Molly from an early age. As a teenager she extended her musical tastes to pop music of all kinds. Molly's mix tapes (and later her MP3 playlists) were always an interesting combination of old and new music.

Molly was known to friends and family for her baking skills and especially for the magical chocolate creations that she would make for birthdays and holidays. Even though her illness robbed her of a desire for the taste or smell of food, she continued watching cooking shows on the Create Network looking for something that might spark an interest and help strengthen her.

After leaving Kemlite/Crane Composites, Molly rekindled her crocheting skills by making shopping bags for friends and family and making baby blankets, baby bonnets and children's hats and mittens for charity.

Molly donated her remains to science in the hope of fostering greater knowledge and understanding of pancreatic cancer.

Molly made close friends easily and maintained contact with many. Molly is survived by her husband, Mike Flynn, her mother Barbara and her brothers Joel, John and Jim.

The Planet Saturn

As Molly was driving to Green Bay the day after my father passed away she saw the most beautiful sunset. She later said that whenever she saw a sunset with similar colors she thought of my father.

Shortly after her father's passing Molly began to notice the bright light from the planet Venus in the western sky as she was driving home from work. She choose the planet Venus to be her reminder of her father.

Ever since NASA started posting pictures from the Cassini spacecraft on their site, Molly had been enthralled with the ringed planet and it's many moons. She downloaded the most interesting of the pictures and she created a screen saver on our PCs to cycle through the images of Saturn. It only seems fitting for me to choose Saturn as my guide for remembering Molly. I am including some links to help you locate Saturn in the early morning or evening sky and to some of the best of the pictures on the NASA site.